Zulu Bar 2008

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Brand: Gin



The ZULU bar is an effective and simple to use 4-line carbon bar, which keeps the front lines untwisted and has additional safety handles on both backlines. It introduces our new design of end caps and an improved version of our simple main safety. There is an optional (removable) leash, which keeps you connected to the kite when releasing the main safety. Further the bar features a slim bar diameter, back line adjusters and one extra wide bar hole with depower line divider for minimum drag and maximum bar freedom. There is a total line length of 25 meters (this is including the bridle - line length on the bar: 23 meters).

The high quality dyneema flying lines are the result of a unique stretching process that ensures optimal resistance and significantly reduces the risk of line length changes in use.

The bar is delivered in a separate bag with the lines connected and ready to go.



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