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Ozone Hyperlink 5m

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Ozone Hyperlink 5m

Postby marekmk » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:33 am

any one foiling with this kite and what sort of range are they using the kite in? any advantage to getting it in the ultralight fabric?

Frank Rosin
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Re: Ozone Hyperlink 5m

Postby Frank Rosin » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:52 am


this is what I wrote earlier on another thread:

...this is what I mostly used the last few months and most likely the next few winter months to come:

19m R1 <12kts (18m and 14m lines)
17m R1 8-16kts (14m lines)
9m Hyperlink 12-25kts (14m lines and 10m lines lately)
7m Hyperlink 20-30kts (12m lines)
5m Hyperlink 25-45kts (12m lines)

Wind ranges are not what is possible, but how I use them mostly.

I still own, but haven't ridden in a while, smaller R1s, 5m Edge and 4m Enduro.
On Moses hydrofoils mostly, all of them ;)

I think I have actually used the 5m Hyperlink in steady 15 knots already and in close to 50 knots gusts.
I guess the low end could be pushed quite a bit further.
The sweetest spot for me within my quiver I would see mostly at 25-35 knots.

It will come to use again today!

Only used the 12m HL UL, but still need to compare back to back on same day with normal one.


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Re: Ozone Hyperlink 5m

Postby IWB2 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:53 pm

I havent used the Ozone Hyperlink 5m but i have used the 7m for foiling only handful of times. Last session felt really light with winds dropping to 8-11knots estimate by end of session. I would say 12 knots using 23m lines, at 150lbs and freeride foil is the comfortable starting point for me but possibly could be pushed lower depending on foil, line length, rider technique and rider weight. Last session wind was about 12-15kts and comfortable until wind started to slowly die. What was cool was that the 7m Hyperlink (reg construction) allowed me to get back without the kite collapsing or even getting a wing tuck. The landing area felt even lighter my guess 8-9kts (standing). These type of conditions from my experience would have resulted in a potential swim in on a LEI kite. In the past (before using the foil kites) i would be using a high aspect LEI 10-13m in 12-15knots with 27m lines to achieve where i was able to use the 7m Hyperlink. Part of me wished i had the 7m Hyperlink ulralight to give that extra bit of lightwind performance when on the foil, however the 7m in in the regular construction offers great stability and enough power at 12knots. On the same foil/line setup in higher winds 18-22kts i found the 7m Hyperlink to be a a handful. Impressive to see Frank pushing his 7m to 30kts.

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