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How to avoid getting scammed with a check!

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Postby Daudbhai » Thu Apr 14, 2005 2:52 pm

You would think that these guys could get more original but this scam is quite common in Nigeria. They are still targeting people from US and Europe. This sounds like a cleshea but if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. So don't bother with these guys and spread the word.

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Postby b0jangl3 » Mon Jun 27, 2005 1:14 pm

Heres another that is a scam:

My name is collins tony,the General /marketing manager of
PIZZA MEKONG with our haed ofice suited at 1209 S.madison,mi,48078,usa.we saw your item displaced on this fabulous site and we will like to purchase as many as you have in stock.Because we are buying this item of yours to one of our new established Company at West Africa.we will be paying you through Cashier Cheque or Via Paypal/Money Gramm .Moreso, we will be handling the shipment ourself.So ,if you which /agree to sell this item of yours to us ,Send you full contact detail for the payment asap.And choose one out (1) of the two methods of payment listed above asap.And moreso ,how many of this item do u have i stock...
Collins Tony.

Cashier checks are fake.........paypal is used with stolen credit get the money and a month later you have the money withdrawn from yur account..


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Postby BigSmelly » Wed Sep 28, 2005 7:46 am

This is what I got....

Thanks for your reply. I am okay with the price and this is how i will want us to seal this transaction cos i don't want any delay at all. So all i am going to do is to contact my associate in the USA to issue you a certified Bank Check of 5,000 euros which will be for both the shipping and your own money 700 euros .So all i will want you to do when you receive the check is to deduct your own money and send the remaining shipping funds of 4,300euros through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER to my International shipping agent that will come for the pick up.

So if this terms are okay by you i will need your contact address and phone number so that i can forward to my associate who will be issuing you the

N/B :The shipping funds will be wired to my international agent that will come for the pickup he will be the one to arrange the pickup and shipping of the Takoon skoop4 From your location to where i am living.Now that we have an agreement I will like you to remove the advert you placed on the website so that you will receive no more offers.the cheque will be sent to you via fedex courier services.I will give you a call as soon as you reply
info required to send cheque:.
FULL NAME ........
PHONE NUMBER...........
Best Regards,
Mr Goldman

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Postby npires » Mon Oct 17, 2005 11:37 am

What I got:
1st mail
I am higly interested in your Best Nemesis 21m² posted for sale on, however, the kite was posted for 400 EURO and i am willing to buy the kite and i look forward to have good business relationship with you, provide me with this following informations so the payment via EURO cheque can be made payable to you, FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS AND CONTACT PHONE NUMBER.

2nd mail
I am based in the U.K and my payment is by cheque and will be sent to you as soon as you sent me your full name, full address and contact phone number, and you will received a cheque of 1500 EUR as the balance will be used for shipping of the kite from your house to me by my shipping agent once you get the cheque and it cleared to your account.
Best Regards,
Steve Taylor

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Postby Gus » Thu Nov 24, 2005 4:50 pm

After a crazy story like all of those ones...looks like those guys do TELEMARKETING. It's exactly the same story!!!
Amazing, i just got a Letter from Nigeria with a 5,500$ Check from a Sterling Bank in the States.
My bank told me that for one year the amount can be taken out my account.
Anyway i knew there were somthg fishy but all that confirms it.
Thx TOBY .
Great post :thumb:

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Postby uskdofkemhegorqc » Wed Feb 01, 2006 7:42 pm


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Postby BadCluster » Thu Apr 06, 2006 5:17 pm

What if we go vice versa,
i mean what r the ways to protect a buyer from frauds???
What a buyer must look buying form here or elsewhere? :?:

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Postby icarux » Sat May 06, 2006 12:51 am

what about this one.,,just received today

Thanks for the swift response am ok with the price which is $200,So i offer $250 so that you can reserve it for me and get it sold to me and consider all otehr entry null,So without any further delay,you will have to get back to me with your recipient details for payment such as your full name that will be on the certified check and your postal address...your cell and home phone..state,zip code and country...

Asap i have this details,I will forward it to m,y secretary and she will send the payment of $250 to you fast without delay,So immediately you have the payment,I will call on my shipping firm to come for the pickup..I will pay the shipping firm here,ok?
So if this arrangement is ok by you,Kindly get back to me with your details for payment..
Hope to read from you soon.

or maybe is legit,,,who knows ,,,but after what I read,,,no paypal no goodie

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Postby edrtaylor » Wed May 16, 2007 8:05 am

I sold a car over the internet 4 yrs ago and STILL get these emails about it- the best thing to do is copy and paste them into which gets their email addresses shut down. Got to fight back!!

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scam selling kites

Postby kcflyer » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:10 pm

another scammer!
I am selling a kite on ikitesurf and recently got this email:

"jimmy thomas ( writes:
Dear seller,~nl~I hereby wish to inform you that i am interested in the purchase from you.I saw the advert on the internet today, Kindly give me your best offer.Will you accept a certified check/money order as payment?I have aclient and colleague of mine who will be ready to send you payment by post when we both finally agree on terms. If its still available for sale,provide the details~nl~below...~nl~YOUR NAME...........~nl~ADDRESS FULL .....~nl~TEL. NUMBER.........~nl~LAST PRICE...............~nl~Regard

then this:
I really appreciate the information given towards making this transaction a succeful one........i will like us to carry on with this deal with trust and understanding cos i'm presently out of the state while my husband (Mr Thomas) is around and i will be returning back to the State very soon....Am okay with the least price ($1200) and the presently condition ...also like you to know that the pics is looking so wonderful.....I'll be offering you $1,400 for it...I will really appreciate it if you can get back to me with your full details because i will asked my Business Associate who is presently in the State too (USA) to issue out a cashier's check for the amount ($5,000) which will be covering the shipping cost because the shipping firm will be picking it up along with some other goods that are to be shipped for me in the state...Am doing this just because i beleive that i can trust you with my money...hope you will not turn me down?

Get back to me with the following details....
YOUR NAME IN be written on the check
ZIP CODE.............

Pls do not bother about any other buyer, i believe things will work as plan. Concerning the pick up i've arrange that with my shipping firm because they are picking it up along with other goods that are to be shipped for me in the state AND the shipping firm will contact u as well for a strong arrangement...... All you need to do is to get the cheque cashed at your bank immediately you do receive it,deduct the total cost and get the remainning fund send to the shipping firm sameday via Western Union Money Transfer so that the shipping firm will be coming to your location for the pick up....pls kindly make all the document ready to enhance a smooth shipment.

I tried getting to you on phone but i do not have your phone number with me......Hope to hear from you ASAP.
Best Regards and Stay blessed .

FAX 44-2072223058
Phone #+447031842838

N.B Make sure you mail me back immediately you get this message in other to proceed."

My next email: go screw yourself!

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