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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:36 am
by Skyway Scott
Toby is genuinely concerned that you are going to get your as.s sued by Real.
They do sort of have that reputation you know. :roll:


Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:57 am
by 2talented
This is truly rediculous. I have been shopping for fins, against better judgement, I clicked on the Real website on google. Again, their prices were nothing special....can provide proof if toby is scared of the truth being typed on his forum. (thought that was what it is for). But it kills me that all these rants, articles, posts, etc. I know business is business, but sueing for this crap is utterly stupid none of their "phrases" are particularly exclusive to their business or their practices. Putting these posts to the back burner is proof that weak people dont want to rock the boat or let others know that bullys exist! Anyway, didn't mean to rant.


Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:33 am
by Habi
I know a really cool story about Real Kiteboarding and it's crew P.R a few years ago... wanna know ?? :cool2:


Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:42 am
by Kamikuza
Huh ... what a coincidence, I just bought a harness from those guys.
Of the stores I looked at that had the products I wanted, REAL was the slickest and most professional looking I'm not impressed and won't be buying there again :(

Just getting into the sport (well the water side of it anyway) and was unable to get an XXL seat harness here in Japan from my guy, so went looking at overseas websites ... didn't really want to as I've had no end of hassles trying to use my Visa on US websites and get stuff shipped to Japan - long story :lol:

Anyway, REAL took my order for a $150 Fusion harness and US$40 shipping and I thought I was all set. Got an email the next day saying actually, the price you were "quoted was incorrect the actual shipping will be US$125" ... :o $125 for a little ol' harness? My order went from $180 to $275 just for shipping?

You must be kidding, says I - buddies ship over motorbike parts all the time via USPS and I've never paid more than $40 for large boxes of body panels etc!
Oh that's just FedEx's price nothing we can do says they.
Me - How about to an APO/FPO address?
Them - Nope same price. (Way to support the troops, FedEx you scumbags)
Me - How about to a buddy in the US?
Them - $15.
Me - Ok here's his address, send it to him ...
Them - Oh by the way we don't have black spreader bar pads do you mind a (stupid looking) camo one?
Me - sigh. Whatever, I need the lot in a few weeks, I'm off to Singapore and Indonesia for a bit of playtime ...

So I got it sent to a pal way up the top of the US for $15 via FedEx then sent over here via USPS for ... $40 :lol: took longer to get across the US than it did to get here, including my pal going to the post office :roll:

Not great service but ok, you can't expect them to run down to the post office just for me.
However, when the harness arrives, the stitching around the buckles on the leg straps is broken and unraveling - on all four sides :o I assume they had to find it on a shelf or something as it had a shop tag on it and it's not the sort of thing you could miss. I can't be bothered doing an international return and dicking around with all that hassle - and no doubt having to pay for the shipping - so I'll just fix it myself.

Now, it's kind of hard not to think uncharitable thoughts about them, but next time I'll be voting with my wallet and won't be buying from them ... and I'm just getting into the sport so that's a lot of cash they're missing out on :nono:

Actually, the harness was more expensive than other sites - $150 as opposed to $100 or less - but they were the only place that had the size listed ...

Re: Boycott Real Kiteboarding

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:51 pm
by switch313
thanks man! ^^^^^^^ just ordered a new handbag to put my foil kites in

Re: Boycott Real Kiteboarding

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:22 pm
by AndrewJMcGee
Naa I had a good experience with them! I have been traveling to Hatteras for vacations for 23 years 3 times a year. I only started kiteing may 08 how sad...anyway.

I went to Real to check it out, cause I am new, and its a center for my new found love(kiteboarding)! I told them straight away, " I have no money, I ride Ozone, and I have 3 boards, two tt and one mutant naish for surf." I just wanted to check out their products, and their facility to see what they had to offer me the new kiteboarder. Anyway one guy showed me everything in his store. From sales/and closeouts, used boards, demo kite/ and boards. Took me outside and showed me the slidders and the jetskis, launch area. After all said and done, he showed me around the whole property. I didn't spend a dime that day. Although i came back later in the week, and spent money. He helped me, knowing that day I was not spending a dime.

Going in there I had no bias, heard no stories, and had open mind about them. I liked the business that they seemed to be running. I didn't like that even if i bought gear from them I couldn't launch from there site. I had to go south to SDA and fly north to the slick and back, or land downwind at KOA. That was a bummer for me. It was december1 and not a sole was around. Only saw two other riders whole trip...Broc from mass, and Brain from VA.(Good times)

Stories about the lawsuit for lesson plan words was sad to hear after I went to Real and had a good experience.

Make your own opinion of this business. Go there for yourself and see. KHK in Rodanthe is a very nice place also check them out too. Real is no longer a Monopoly on Hatteras, they have competition for a small market.


Re: Boycott Real Kiteboarding

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:23 pm
by Er Presidente
greenkiter -

i really think you went over the line.... looks to me you are just an angry frustrated man, jealous of other people success.

Real might have their flows, but every time I used them i found them very professional and competent. They are expensive, but guess, what, I took a 3h surf jibing lesson with J Slezak and changed my life. I think they have some serioulsy talented coaches there.

And you sayig they were not letting you kiting in front of their facility? well, they r right! they spend millions of dollars to set that launching/landing spot and why should they et you use it if you re not their client?

So my advice to you, is chill, relax and ride...dont waste your time writing non sense...kite shops need help during these times. Last thing they need is useless advertisements like yours.

Re: Boycott Real Kiteboarding

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:38 am
by 720sports
Been there multiple times, every time has been excellent w/NOTHING but friendly and professional service- A private lesson by Slezak changed the way I boost forever, and Matt Nuzzo himself stayed after the shop had closed to make sure my Kite was good to go for the next day, I've gotten incredibly good deals from them via internet and in the shop, I was even doing a self rescue through the slick (not doing a lesson etc) and had a coach rode up to ensure I was OK and offered to bring in my gear, Boycott them? Sorry can't do it- Quite the opposite- I absolutely recommend them...

Re: Boycott Real Kiteboarding

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:16 am
by Krazedkiter
You know what the funny thing is about this. This is a 1 year old thread that got bumped up by a Viagra spammer that I think Toby deleted.

Gotta love this stuff. Check the dates dudes.


Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:37 pm
by robert007
CorpusKiter15 wrote:My only problem with REAL kiteboarding is how much it's talked up, the wind there is nothing special
Even I have the same problem with them.